Agency Overhaul Program

Need help getting to where you want to be?

There’s heaps of courses that promise to fix your marketing, sales, delivery – whatever pain you’re facing, they can fix. 

The problem? They teach you the generic stuff that they think you need to know – but ultimately it may not all be suited to you, and you’re usually stuck trying to implement it yourself.

If you really want to get things turned around, we can look at running a complete Agency Overhaul.

This involves us working together over a period of 3 months on a weekly basis. We start by mapping out where you are now and where you want to be, and finding any gaps. Then we work on plugging those gaps in a way that will make sense for you.

This is NOT a course or a program (it’s something built personally just for you). 

This is NOT a “group coaching” type thing (it’s completely 1 on 1). 

This is NOT getting someone else to do the work for you (you’ll still need to do it). 

This IS about getting a completely tailored plan to achieve your goals, along with help and guidance to keep you focused and working at it. 

It isn’t super cheap (although it’s not really expensive either) – we’re talking about a $6,000 investment. This is about the same as many high end mastermind groups, except this is completely 1 on 1.

I only work with people that I believe I can really make an impact for, so if this is something that sounds interesting to you, submit your details and we can see if it would make sense to work together.

ps. Due to the time involvement and my other business interests, I only ever work with 2 agency owners at the same time. Not trying to make it sound exclusive or anything like that, but if I’m already at capacity and we still want to work together, I can slot you in for the next quarterly opening.

Expression of Interest

To express your interest for an Agency Overhaul, please complete this form. After reviewing your details, I’ll be in touch to book a time to chat further.