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I'm a web design agency owner and strategic consultant based in Sydney, Australia. 
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Hi, my name is Nick Gulic

And I think there’s a better way to do things.

It is freaking tough to figure out what the right way is to move forward. You've got a lot of internet gurus throwing out advice - good and bad, and lots of service providers desperately trying to get your money - regardless whether they can actually help you or not.

I advocate for brutal honesty and education for both service providers and end clients. I advocate for continually improving your skill set. And most importantly, I advocate for doing the right thing by everyone you deal with (not just trying to make a buck).

Who am I?

Hey it's me

What I do

I’m here to help good people achieve great things by using a combination of my design skills, strategic knowledge, and plain old experience. 
I've been in business for a fair while now, and I've seen the evolution of "common" business logic. A lot of the time, advice is stuff that doesn't really fit in with how we want to do things, or what suits us as individuals.

I've been lucky enough to build a business that I enjoy, and like helping other people do the same thing.


Here's where I try to put down my thoughts.
Well, if I'm honest... they're mostly rants. But hey, at least it’s a good way to get to know how I think about stuff!

what others say

Talking about myself feels really douchey, so I figured I’d put what OTHER people say instead.
Thank you Nick, I couldn't have done it without you!
Nick is a person that always has time to advise and help - this guy really lives by what he teaches.
Nick has a calm, clear way of showing you how to sell without being "salesy".
Now I can sleep better at night and feel enthused about talking to business owners again.
I'm now able to close a much higher percent of my 'sales calls' which are now more about helping calls and that comes across in the vibe of the call.
I quoted a website at 15k last week after speaking to you! Felt great to say that number out loud to a lead.

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