Who the hell am i?

If you found this page, you probably already know... but hey why not entertain you with a story since you're here!
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I’m just a normal guy

And I’ve got a pretty normal backstory.
The main reason I’m able to help people figure stuff out is because I’ve had to do it myself so many times. I’ve had plenty of different careers, from accounting to sales to management to consulting to web design.

Although, that’s kinda boring and I don’t think life needs to be all that serious.

So, if you like to have fun, read through this page where I’ve got a totally made up backstory. If you want to skip ahead to the reality, you can click this button.
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The real me

Humble beginnings

Like most people in the web industry, I was raised by ninjas.
It was a great existence. 

I learned how to do all the cool stuff you see in the movies like running up walls, throwing ninja stars, and using palm trees to fling myself into unbreachable compounds.

One day I left my humble Island life and went to Beverly Hills in America, where I stayed for a while helping people who needed it.

Of course... it didn’t last

We wouldn’t be here if it did, right?
One day, my ninja clan back on the island were betrayed and everyone was sadly killed :( 

They made a big mistake though, they didn't realise I was in Beverly Hills so they missed me. I embarked on a mission of revenge, to take down every m$%^#$f%$@#$ involved. It was glorious.

But, once I finished, it left me in a majorly weird situation....

What would I do next?

Meditation time

I mean, seriously what was a former ninja meant to do?
I was stealthy.
Knew how to get places other people couldn't.
Could do wicked martial arts stuff.

All cool skills, but they don't really lend themselves to office work if you know what I mean.

So I ended up doing the only thing I thought made sense.

I joined the military!

(hey it seemed like a good idea at the time)
My training gave me a huge edge. I rose through the ranks and became a commando, where I was used on many top secret missions.

I can’t tell you about it (it's classified), but let’s just say movies have been made about the things that I’ve done.

Unfortunately I lost my job when some pencil pusher tried to order my men into a suicide mission, and I punched him in the jaw. I’m sure you can relate. But that led to a dishonorable discharge which kinda sucked.

Did some underground fighting

It was for a good cause! My brother needed surgery.
I get it, illegal and unsanctioned fight clubs aren’t really the best thing to be involved in, but former ninja commandos need to do what they can.

I kept kicking butt and became known as Lion Heart. People used to chant my name, it was pretty awesome! 

Of course, as soon as I managed to cover my brother's surgery, I got out and joined the unemployment queue.

Worked in insurance

It led to my web design career, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing!
In an attempt to avoid the violence, I got myself an entry level job at an insurance company, and learned to code in my free time.

One day, these weirdos came and told me I'm the chosen one, gave me a pill, and the next thing you know I'm getting chased by these dudes dressed in black who are trying to kill me!

I noped right out of that situation, and moved to Australia. On the plus side, I'd learned enough to start in web development.

Okay, if you got this far... thanks for indulging me and I hope you were entertained. Obviously none of the above is true (I don't even have a brother), but I did learn martial arts when I was a bit younger, and looove watching movies. 

The real story

In case you can’t tell, I don’t take myself too seriously! Okay, so here’s the real story.

I’ve had a bunch of different career paths over the years and built up experience dealing with lots of different businesses to try finding solutions to their problems. My digital agency, Creative Click, is a pretty lean operation. I've had a decent team before, but ended up scaling back down and now it's a business that makes good money and lets me enjoy my life.

Fun facts:

  • I actually did learn martial arts when I was younger.
  • I love movies, especially comedy and action (bonus points if it's from the 80s or 90s). I can't watch horror, and really don't like sad stuff.
  • I also read a lot, but mostly fiction. Sci-fi and fantasy books are my jam.
  • I used to be an accountant and did corporate tax stuff. Booooooring!
  • I enjoy the peaceful life with my fam, and we try to go to the beach when we can.
  • I like to play golf, but I'm really bad at it.

People have things they stand for, and I’m no different. I believe in morals over money, and spend my time and energy helping people succeed without sacrificing their ethical standards.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

what others say

I read once that to get the measure of a person, see what people say about them when they're not in the room. Well, I wasn't in the room when people typed this stuff out, so I guess it counts!
Thank you Nick, I couldn't have done it without you!
Nick is a person that always has time to advise and help - this guy really lives by what he teaches.
Nick has a calm, clear way of showing you how to sell without being "salesy".
Now I can sleep better at night and feel enthused about talking to business owners again.
I'm now able to close a much higher percent of my 'sales calls' which are now more about helping calls and that comes across in the vibe of the call.
I quoted a website at 15k last week after speaking to you! Felt great to say that number out loud to a lead.

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