Struggling with sales?

Learn how to “sell” by helping, using a website consultant’s framework for landing new clients.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency owner, one constant is that you need to keep bringing on new projects to keep things rolling.

The problem though, is sometimes you end up with clients who:

Ultimately, it might even feel like you’re just not getting ahead… no matter what you do.

A Framework that helps

I presented a quick overview of my sales framework at an event recently, and it went really well. That’s probably because I don’t really “sell” – I understand and educate, which leads to clients wanting to work with me.

After the event, I had people telling me how it had shifted their thinking on selling, and how it made a huge difference to how they were going to be handling sales moving forward.

You can see the talk (that I prepared pretty quickly) right here.

Okay.... and?

Well, when I was preparing the talk I got super frustrated at how much content I couldn’t cover because I didn’t have enough time. 

This is a SUPER important topic, and I know that if I give it enough time I’ll have something that will be able to make a huge impact for people who sell websites for a living.

So I’m making a course, which you can pre-purchase.

In exchange for investing early, I’m giving people a pretty huge discount on what the end price will be.

This is all the gooey goodness I have in my brain on how I convert prospective clients into high value relationships, and it could be yours!

Wait, who am I to teach anything?

Hey it's me!

My name is Nick Gulic, and I run a small but highly profitable digital agency in Sydney, Australia.

Before starting my web agency, I used to consult on marketing and sales strategy to small businesses around Australia.

These days, I focus on the agency, and help generally smaller businesses try become bigger ones. While it seems I’m pretty good at what I do, what I’m really good at is running a successful sales meeting.

And that’s the bit that I’d really like to teach you.

Does this work?

Firstly, yes. It’s literally what I do for a living. 

Secondly, after my 25 minute talk (the video above), my buddy Noah Britton went and used some elements of my framework to close a $9k deal in one meeting – where normally it takes him 2 or 3 meetings to get things over the line.

Noah was nice enough to post a video about it, which I’ve stolen (with his permission) to put on this page.

It works.

“I closed a $9k deal in one meeting which is not typical for me”

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy?
If you hate it, I’ll refund your money (within 14 days of enrolment).

When will it be ready?
Module 1 is already LIVE! Additional modules should be released on a weekly basis (roughly).

How long will I have to do the course?
Isn’t lifetime access the norm now? Well, lifetime access it will be anyway.

Anything else? Just ask!

Buy It Now

If this sounds good, I’d love your support. This is a course that I’ll be selling for at least $300 once its finished (not $297 – that 7 at the end doesn’t fool anyone). A small price to pay to learn how to increase your own prices and close deals faster.

In exchange for your support now, I’ll give you a special “pre sale” price on the course. The pricing will be increasing in stages as the course is closer to launch, so the earlier you jump on board, the better the deal.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the course, which covers you for the upgrades and improvements that will keep happening after launch. 

Intro price:

$ 200
  • This is a prelaunch price.
  • On launch, this price will increase.